Who says you have to take what you are told to take where personal injury solicitors are concerned? You will see in this article that this simply is not the case and you are entitled to choose the best representation for yourself, writes GLP Solicitors’ Neil Sugarman

Many people thought that the abolition of legal aid in personal injury cases would put an end to access to justice in this area of law. Thankfully this has not happened. Instead, personal injury solicitors have developed ‘no win no fee’ services that allow access to justice in a similar way to the old legal aid system. In fact, in many cases, these services are more favourable for the client.

Many injury victims find themselves being pushed to a particular solicitor by somebody with a vested interest, such as an insurance broker or company, or a legal expense company. It may be by a garage or car hire company. Always ask them if they are receiving a commission or introduction fee from the personal injury solicitor. You have freedom of choice and should not be made to use somebody to handle your personal injury claim simply because it results in a financial benefit to a third party. It should be because you are using the best personal injury lawyer of your own choice.

Many high profile law firms and non-lawyer commercial organisations have adopted a “hard sell” towards potential clients that may have been the victim of an accident that was not their fault. On the cheaper and less popular television and radio channels you simply cannot escape the repetitive advertisements that all seem to be offering accident victims the World. solicitorinfo.com
There is great competition amongst personal injury solicitors. However, the injury victim must beware.

First and foremost, you really should remember that not all firms of personal injury solicitors are the same. Their adverts may suggest the same things, but their levels of customer service are going to vary from firm to firm. This is the main reason why you should never judge a firm of personal injury solicitors just by the glossy advertising.

Many solicitors are aware of the fact that clients will not have been in the situation before and will simply not know what to expect. It may be the client’s first time in having to approach a legal representative. This is where you, the potential client, must be able to have your wits about you and be prepared to ask questions to ensure that you are receiving the very best level of attention and service from your personal injury solicitors.

Make good use of the free consultations that are offered through such personal injury solicitors. You should be given an indication of the strength of your case, the timescales and issues involved and you should be re-assured as to whether costs will be recoverable form the guilty party. You should ask about their experience in dealing with your type of case.

A good personal injury solicitor will be concerned to get you the best possible compensation, but will also want to ensure that you receive help and support in your recovery from injury. They can do this by arranging physiotherapy, help in the home and with transport and interim payments of compensation to ease the financial burden

Once you are satisfied that the personal injury solicitors want to take your case on, search through online solicitors’ directories to find out what previous clients have said about them and their level of service. These types of sites are absolutely invaluable and the unbiased reviews will not lie. If there would appear to be a number of negative reviews then beware. Conversely, positive reviews show that this service has been tried and tested and people have received the best possible personal injury service.

Neil Sugarman
Managing Partner, GLP Solicitors (Bury)