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Suffering a spinal cord injury can be life changing not only for the injured person but also those close to them. All aspects of someone’s life can be turned upside down by this type of injury.  Injuries such as these can often be very serious and can take a lengthy time to fully recover.

It may be that a full recovery is not possible depending on the severity of the spinal cord injury which you have suffered. You or a loved one may have suffered an injury which may mean that you now need a lot of support. This can include rehabilitation, care and support, equipment such as a wheelchair, or aids to make life a little easier. You may not be able to return to your former employment and may wish to have the opportunity to retrain.

Your injury may have been caused as a result of a road traffic accident or an accident at work, an accident on holiday or by a criminal assault. Whatever has caused the injury, GLP Solicitors’ legal team will look into the circumstances and liaise with the other party’s insurers and solicitors and deal with them on your behalf. It will be the insurers who pay your compensation throughout the life of your case and/or as a final settlement at the end of your case. We work closely with a team of professionals including accountants and barristers who would essentially be working as your team to ensure  the best possible outcome for your case.

Our Solicitors at GLP are specialists in working with clients who have suffered a spinal cord injury. Your solicitor will provide the support and assistance to help with all the areas of your life which have been affected. We are able to work closely with the treating consultants and ensure that the best medical treatment and ultimate rehabilitation is put in place to make sure that you are given the best possible chance of recovery/improvement depending on your injury. You may need psychological support as often clients struggle with coming to terms with their injury.

Having a solicitor acting for you will ensure that you receive the rehabilitation that you are legally entitled to. This often means that you are entitled to a treatment/rehabilitation package paid by the other party on a private basis.

Your need for care and support will be fully considered. You may have the assistance of family or friends but you may feel that you require the support from a professional who deals with the specialist  care and support of people who have suffered a spinal cord injury.  You may require renovations to your home to allow for adaptations to make your home more easily accessible for you. You may need to move home in which case we will look at suitable properties and prices on your behalf. It may be the case that you are not able to return to your former employment but you wish to return to work in an area outside of your own. This is where we would arrange for an employment expert to assess your skills and wishes and enter into a retraining programme which will allow you to return to a working life.  We will act to ensure that the best possible support packages are put in place for you to give you as much independence as possible.

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Your financial situation will also be addressed and should you require state benefits whilst you are undergoing rehabilitation, we have a benefits specialist who will be able to act on your behalf and ensure that you are receiving the benefits that you are entitled to . When it comes to the settlement of your case, our financial advisors will ensure that your compensation is wisely invested to give you the best return on the money you choose to invest.

At GLP Solicitors, we are here to help.  We will ensure that you receive the best medical treatment, the rehabilitation package that you require, the support packages that you need as well as the full support of GLP Solicitors who will be there to guide you through the legal process. We have the expertise to be able to achieve the best possible outcome for you as a client to ensure that you are not only compensated for your injury, but also to ensure that you reach your full potential in your recovery so that you can return to living independently and getting back to living life to the full.

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