Road Traffic Accident Claims

Unfortunately, being a safe and competent driver doesn’t necessarily protect you from being injured in a road accident. Around 70% of drivers admit to occasional speeding, and if that’s a true reflection of life on the open road, then drivers, pedestrians, cyclists – all of us – are potential victims of road traffic accidents

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Our specialist road accident solicitors deal with car crash claims, whiplash claims and road traffic accident compensation claims on behalf of drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians and we have successfully claimed on thousands of cases. We’ll not just handle your claim, but we’ll also help you with practicalities that follow the accident, such as healthcare provision and benefits payments.

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No matter how you’ve been involved, we can help. Even if you have a road accident or crash with an uninsured driver we can look into making a claim. And if you were injured in a road accident with someone who failed to stop and remains unidentified, experts will help you. The fact is that even with small whiplash injuries, the kind we most commonly deal with, people suffer short and long term pain and discomfort affecting their home and work lives, which in most cases can be compensated for. Before you decide whether or not your claim may be successful, speak to us and we’ll assess your case with no charge.

What we’ll do for you

More than anything, we aim to keep things clear, simple and as straightforward as possible for our clients, so there’s no need for you to worry at any point about the legal complexities or technicalities of your road accident case or car crash claim. You’ll be kept informed throughout the claims process.

Make contact as soon as you can

It’s important to speak to us as soon as possible about any road accident injury – time limitation periods apply and investigating your claim is often easier if you begin proceedings quickly. Your initial consultation with us is free, and we’ll tell you then whether or not your case is worth pursuing. If it is, we’ll carry out our investigation of the case free of charge too.

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Our claims process:

  • Your free initial consultation gives us a clear understanding of your road accident claim.
  • If you have a case we assign our best legal team with the expertise to handle your claim.
  • The legal team will investigate and build evidence to back up your case.
  • We keep in touch with you throughout, so you’re always informed.
  • Finally, with your approval, we arrive at the best settlement possible.

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