Brain & Head Injury Compensation Claims

Detecting a brain injury can be very difficult. Proving that somebody is responsible for causing that injury can be just as hard.

This is why if you suffer an injury of any type, especially one that has caused some form of damage to the brain, it is imperative that you instruct a good, experienced, specialist brain injury solicitor to claim compensation.

Brain Injury

Accidental head or brain injury can occur as a result of car or motorbike crashes, accidents in public places or buildings, accidents at work or following criminal assaults.

GLP brain injury solicitors know exactly how to progress your case. The party responsible for causing injury may not admit to the accident being their fault. GLP Solicitors  know exactly what steps to take and will gather all the relevant evidence required to prove your case.

Head injuries are just about as serious as it gets. You may be unable to work for an extended period of time or at all and need a great deal of care and support.  Many people’s memory, concentration and temperament suffer as a result of injury to the brain. GLP head injury compensation solicitors are very aware of these types of problems and are experienced in being able to prove what damage has been done. Our many past successes are a testament to our commitment to obtaining the best outcome for people with acquired brain and head injury.

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It is crucial to establish whether the accident or injury is the fault of somebody else before an experienced brain injury solicitor can advance a case, and to be able to demonstrate negligence.

In the workplace all employers have a duty of care to their employees. When this duty is broken liability can be established through the courts. For more serious breaches of the duty of care an employer could face criminal sanctions through the Health and Safety Executive, or even the police. However, with GLP solicitors, you case will be handled through the established civil procedure and court system and we strive to secure damages and compensation that will help you to lead your future life as comfortably as possible.

GLP head injury solicitors are also committed to using established practices and procedures to ensure rapid access to all forms of Rehabilitation, funded by the insurers of the party who has caused the accident. GLP recognise that getting back on the road to recovery quickly is equally as important as financial compensation and damages. We help you and those people who are supporting you with any worries that you might have about your financial affairs and issues such as care costs and benefits.

Brain injury is an incredibly specialised aspect of compensation law. It is imperative to be represented by a specialist brain injury solicitor when you are the victim of an accident or assault. It is important to differentiate between any ordinary personal injury solicitor or lawyer and one who has experience in acting for the victim of a head or brain injury.

Equally, if you are a member of the family, relative or friend of the brain injured individual who needs representation then the key is to carry out research on the head injury solicitor who you would like to represent them. We are proud of our achievements and happy to provide references to support our credentials in acting for all manner of head and brain injured clients.

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