Criminal Law

At GLP we have a specialist criminal defence department.  We regularly advise and represent people charged with alleged criminal offences.

We provide emergency 24 hour advice to clients detained in police custody. We are willing to attend the police station to provide advice at night or at weekends in the more serious cases. Free legal aid is available (not means tested).

Criminal Law Services

We provide representation at court for the full range of criminal charges, from murder to speeding. For more serious charges free legal aid is available(means tested).

Our staff are trained to deal with all our clients sympathetically and with equal respect, whether they are accused of minor offences or of the most unpleasant crimes.

We are committed to defending our clients fearlessly, ensuring that they receive a fair trial and upholding the principle that each defendant is presumed to be innocent. In more serious cases we have access to the best specialist counsel and expert witnesses with whom we work as a team.

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Offices that can help…


Some offences we can help with:

  • Violence
  • Dishonesty
  • Public Disorder
  • Motoring
  • Criminal Damage inc. Arson
  • Drug related
  • Sexual

“I am impressed with Mr Foster’s overall work, especially in the Court room. He worded everything excellently and clearly for which I understood all.”

Middleton Office
July 2013

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